SourceHurley Medical Center’s CEO is breaking her silence following a lawsuit filed by a black nurse claiming racial discrimination. The nurse, who has worked at Hurley nearly 25 years, claims she was re-assigned because she is black. The suit says Hurley honored a father’s request, last October and into November, that no African American nurses care for his newborn baby in the hospital’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, or NICU. The lawsuit claims the nurse’s supervisor, the charge nurse, contacted a nurse manager who re-assigned the baby, later met with another supervisor to OK the father’s request and even had a staff meeting to let them know about the decision.

As much as I hate this Dad for being such a fucking asshat, I don’t really understand why the Hospital is getting sued here? Yeah the guy’s an absolute idiot but if he doesn’t want an African-American nurse who cares? So he’s a racist, big whoop. While he’s in the Hospital he’s their client (I think that’s correct?) so his wishes should be met.

And for the record, now that there’s a precedent set, when I have a kid I’m requesting ONLY black nurses. Every time I hear “black nurse” I think about Juanita from Billy Madison. Don’t even care that she’s technically a maid. Just a straight up loving and caring individual. She could bring me Snack Packs and fluff my pillows and shit while I watch Sports Center while her and the old lady go figure out that newborn baby business.

PS – I’ve never been more disappointed in the Internet than I was when I Googled around and this was the best Juanita picture I could find. Fucking pathetic.