Taran Noah Smith, a former child star best known for his work on “Home Improvement,” got himself in some big trouble earlier this year when he got arrested for a DUI and felony drug possession, and now he’s paying for it. The Taran Noah Smith DUI case has been resolved now that the 28-year-old has pled “guilty” to the possession of hash and “no contest” to the fact he was driving under the influence of marijuana. TMZ reports that Smith has been arrested and charged, and was sentenced to a 12-hour program for the DUI and a 6-month drug diversion program for the drug possession. He’s also facing three years of probation, and is due back in court in June. Smith first got in trouble when police spotted his 1998 silver Honda Accord parked at an angle in front of a fire hydrant in February. When an officer investigated the situation, it was reported that he smelled a “strong odor” of marijuana. Smith was arrested after the cop found hash in his car.

You mean the cute little kid from Home Improvement who had no acting skills eventually grew up to be a weird looking dude named TARAN and then got in trouble with the law? Shut up. No way.

Honest question, is this the least shocking child star gets in trouble with the law story of all time? Out of the 3 kids on Home Improvement I would have put my entire life savings on Mark being the fuck up. The shadow that Mark lived in underneath Randy and Brad could have covered the Earth 10 times over.  Obviously it wasn’t going to be Jonathan Taylor Thomas. I am comfortable enough with myself to admit that JTT was hot as fuck. When you look like JTT you don’t have to worry about jobs and the real world. You get your dick sucked by smokes and people hand you money,  that’s how it works. And clearly is was never going to be Brad. Like I know this sounds stupid but I’m pretty sure Brad actually did get a soccer scholarship to UCLA. He was that good of a midfielder.  So the fact that Taran Noah Smith is cruising around town in a 1998 HONDA CIVIC smoking weed and running into fire hydrants is absolutely what I expected to happen. Being the cute son of Tim Taylor stops working when you get your haircut like Raggedy Anne and your eyebrows wrap all the way around your eyes.