(Source) The Bears fired Smith on Monday after a 10-6 season, Tribune sources have confirmed. They started 7-1 but fell apart down the stretch, mostly because they couldn’t score.

Since Smith took over in 2004, the Bears have ranked higher than 23rd in offense only once. They have ranked 28th or lower four times.

Smith tried four offensive coordinators during his Bears career. His first thought was to run a similar offense to the one he was familiar with when he was defensive coordinator of the Rams, so he hired Terry Shea.

The Bears finished last in the league in offense behind quarterbacks Chad Hutchinson, Craig Krenzel, Jonathan Quinn and Rex Grossman, and Shea was dismissed after one season.


Well that was quicker than I expected. Fully in support of this move (read the post below). Lets get someone who knows Offense. This team should get the cream of the Head Coaching crop. 10 wins, all the pieces in place and a GM that is committed to fixing the problems. Just please don’t have it be Andy Reid. Please god. I want offense. Not that offense.


Don’t feel bad for Lovie, he’ll have a new job by the end of the week.