Russell demonstrates a wide variety of workouts and lets it be known that he has lost nearly 25 pounds in less than two months. “In the first couple weeks, I could barely make it through the warmup the first day,” Russell said in an interview on the episode. “It was crazy. We’d go in and do the warmup, and I’d be here breathing like a fat man. Now I’m breathing pretty good.”


“In the first couple weeks, we’d go in and do the warmup and I’d be here breathing like a fat man.”

Yeah bro, you were a fat man. You still are a fat man. You’re like 280 lbs and that’s after you dropped 30 lbs just by moving around for a couple weeks. You’re a fucking mess dude.

How delusional is JaMarcus’s trainer thinking that he could make a team right now if he was invited to camp? Brittany Greiner has a better chance of starting for the Mavs next year than JaMarcus Russell does of making an NFL squad in time for next season. The guy looked like Gilbert Brown as recently as February. Pretty safe to say there isn’t a professional football team in the world that wants that guy under center.

PS – You think JaMarcus has been stressed out at all? Jesus Christ bro your hairline is a disaster.