Atwood - The Atwood Armory in Atwood, Ill., has partnered with a local little league to raffle off an AR-15 military-style assault rifle to raise money for the kids. According to WAND-TV, the raffle weapon is very similar to the assault weapon used to murder 20 school children at Sandy Hook Elementary School last year. “We have teamed up with the Atwood-Hammond Little League to raffle off a Rock River Arms Tactical Operator AR-15,” said Atwood Armory co-owner Charidy Butcher.

“It just kicked off today. It has been going gangbusters, my phone has been ringing nonstop since 4:30 this morning. “It’s just been crazy. The amount of interest so far has just been astronomical. It’s for a good cause, for the kids, and we’re just trying to raise as much money as we can. Their fundraiser last year only raised $10.”


Listen I get why people are up in arms about this. Definitely not a good look to start raffling off assault rifles to support your Little League fundraising raffles. I mean I get that baseball and guns aren’t inherently connected or anything like that but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a PR headache. Probably best to keep “little children” and “automatic firearms” as far apart as possible nowadays.

But at the same time, did you see what they raised last year? Ten fucking dollars. Ten dollars! For an entire goddamn Little League. I don’t even know how they played last year on a $10 dollar budget. Must have looked like one of those ballparks in the Dominican that Sammy Sosa hasn’t funneled money into yet. Just patches of dirt and dead grass covering the field, milk jugs for gloves, tree branches for bats. Maybe a few tennis balls and a couple pregnant and drunk Spanish people nobody knows loitering around and you’re ready to play ball. Unreal.

So yeah, definitely not ideal to raffle off weapons for kids in 2013. But at the same time you just can’t have kids missing out on Little League. Literally the most fun of your life. I’d sell yellow cake uranium to Iran before I missed a little league season as a kid.