[Source] - The photograph of a 19-year-old aspiring lingerie model from Colorado who has been missing since October appeared on a Las Vegas escort website, the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office said. The photograph of Kara Nichols was likely lifted from another source and added to the website MyRedBook.com, Detective Cliff Porter said. The ad promised that the girl in the picture was the actual escort, but Porter said that claim was clearly not true. “We have no evidence that supports the claim that she’s in Las Vegas,” he said. 

Those close to the investigation said that calls were made to the number posted in the advertisement, and family members confirmed that the voice of the woman who answered the call did not match Nichols’. It is not uncommon for prostitutes to use random pictures of beautiful women in their ads and misrepresent themselves in photos to solicit potential clients, Porter said. Authorities have previously said Nichols may be the victim of a subculture that exploits would-be models.

How relieved was this chick’s Dad when he found out his missing daughter wasn’t the girl in the pictures hooking it in Vegas? I mean yeah it still sucks that she’s missing and nobody’s heard from her in two months. That blows. But the emotional swing from thinking she’s been fucking guys up and down the Vegas Strip for an 8-ball of blow and a night at the New Frontier to finding out that she’s actually still missing is probably just as awesome as finding her safe and sound working at some cafe in La Jolla. Dude probably consoled his wife and all their friends and family for a little bit and the second he got a moment away I bet he locked himself in the bathroom and just went bananas. Jumping around hands in the air like he won a championship or something. Maybe throw in a Tiger fist pump or stomp around doing that Kobe under bite move for a little bit. Shadow box with the towel rack and throw a knock out punch like you’re Cassius Clay. Literally no better feeling than finding out your baby girl isn’t a Vegas prostitute that sucks dick for money with a close second being actually finding her.