LOS ANGELES — A Los Angeles firehouse is in trouble again after letting an exercise company shoot a video there showing a scantily clad woman dancing seductively with a Hula-Hoop.

The video shot at a Venice fire station was intended to promote classes at Hoopnotica. It shows a woman in shorts and heels undulating with a Hula-Hoop and in a firefighting uniform.

Fire officials say they will investigate why firefighters allowed the filming. The same station was investigated last year for letting trucks be used in a porn movie shoot.

Hoopnotica spokeswoman Lauren Brand says the company shoots similar videos in different locations every week. She says the company regrets the attention and that its employees were just having fun with local heroes.

Firefighters at the station declined to comment.


Well I don’t thing I could possibly be more offended by this story. Offensive on basically every level possible. First of all, as the resident Hula Hoop expert on Barstool, I find it important to point out that no matter how naked (this girl isn’t even close) or provocative a girl is being in a video the minute you add a Hula Hoop you add class and sophistication. That’s how Hula Hoops work. I could be watching Triple penetration porn and if there is a Hula Hoop in the background its art. Its like putting a tuxedo on a homeless person. Its class and cool all in a plastic circle. So no I’m not offended, no one is offended. Everyone thinks that video was awesome.


Second of all, and more importantly, are people seriously giving Firemen a hard time about ANYTHING? They’re firemen. They do the job that literally no one else will do. They fight fire. They’re badasses. They’re heros. And as such they should be allowed to live above any sort of moral made up laws that say you can’t tape porn or chicks hula hooping in a firehouse. Honestly, if people are offended by this and actually are going to “punish” the firemen then they need to move to the middle east because they’re basically a terrorist and a threat to our society.




If I had to pick one Hula Hoop video to bring with me on a deserted island it would be this hula hoop video (slightly NSFW)


Lola Hoop from Le Tag Parfait on Vimeo.