Charlotte - A Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools teacher told police that a student put something in her coffee during class, which police say turned out to be a butt-enhancing drug. According to a Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police report, the incident was reported Monday by 61-year-old Ellen Vick, a teacher at Independence High School in east Charlotte. She is listed on the school’s website as a technical education teacher.

A spokeswoman with CMS says the student has been disciplined according to the district code of conduct. No word yet on any charges from police. According to the report, investigators looking into the case found a container of GluteBoost, which had one full capsule, and three empty capsules. She believes the substance was put into her coffee on Friday morning around 10 a.m. by someone who was in her classroom. A web search of GluteBoost brings up the website where it is sold. The pills are billed as an “All Natural Buttocks Enhancement Supplement.”

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