[Source] - A judge’s offer to allow an Ohio drug defendant the chance to stay out of prison if he’d give up marijuana might have just gone up in smoke. Hamilton County Common Pleas Judge Melba Marsh says she was astonished by the response from 19-year-old Damaine Mitchell on Wednesday. The Cincinnati Enquirer reported Thursday that Mitchell told the judge he likes smoking weed and staying off it so he could stay out of prison would be “a challenge.” He told the judge he could try to quit but made a request: Could he “at least get one more joint in?” The judge quickly said no. She wants Mitchell back in court next week before she decides what to do with his trafficking case. A message left for Mitchell’s attorney hasn’t been returned.

Potheads are getting fucking cocky now huh? Just coming out in full force like they all just got their first handjob or something. Walking tall, chests puffed out. Beating each other over the head with water bongs and copping attitudes in court to judges and shit. It’s pretty wild. And truth be told Judge Melba Marsh is coming off pretty cunty in this whole thing. Like you’re gonna get all uppity because Damaine Mitchell wants to burn one down one last time? Hey bitch relax. Cool off a bit. Go sit on a sybian for 15 minutes and get finger blasted into 2012 and join the rest of us. If Damaine Mitchell wants to smoke greens he’s gonna smoke greens. Don’t pop a tit just because he’s being polite and telling you the truth.