So we split up this week’s episode into two parts so that everyone has something to listen to on the shortest/least productive day of the year.

Big Debate here is whether or not you would trade lives with Uncle Jessie from Full House. Yeah he’s cool, is in a band, knows the Beach Boys, and basically lives the Michael Scott “Fun Uncle” way of life.

But the big problem for me is that Uncle Jessie is a permanent baby sitter. What self respecting man babysits children that are not his own? That’s fucking insane. Unless its one of those situations where you’re trying to impress a chick by coming across as “caring” and “fatherly”, I just can’t understand giving up your free time to hang out with a child. I don’t care how cool you are and how much leather you wear, being a father when you’re not actually a father could quite possibly be the worst thing in the world.

And yes Aunt Becky was the original smokeshow but she also gave birth to twins and that’s the only situation in life where a 2 for 1 fucking sucks. Can’t trust a chick who has twins, that’s like the roommate that won’t let you see the Cable bill but at the end of the month says you owe him 100 dollars, just some real shady shit.


Yeah I also admitted in this episode  that as an adult I have shit my pants, whatever,  sorry for partying I guess.