KFC Radio Episode 21 coming in Hot. Feitelberg, KFC, Kmarko and myself teamed up last night to discuss basically everything under the sun. At this point we’re like Around The Horn if Around The Horn talked about masturbating to video games. And you know what, I’m ok with that, because secretly I feel like Woody Paige would love to talk about those topics, but he can’t, because he’s not on Barstool Radio.

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Things we learned this episode

Feitelberg has a boyfriend
Big Cat jerks off to the dolphins from the N64 game Wave Race
Pizza Boy is terrorizing the USA jerking off to YouJizz while driving
KFC looks terrible in a shirt and tie
Kmarko is not into chicks named “Mom”
People BigCat can beat up: Tom Cruise, a 5ft robot, Floyd Mayweather, any person who didn’t wrestle in high school.
People KFC can’t beat up: Tom Cruise, Chad Pennigton, Rory McIlroy

Also, we teamed up with our friends at StreakerSports.com to do some apparel stuff. I know when I wrote my Cargo Shorts post a few weeks ago everyone was asking what they could wear instead of Cargos, well Streakersports has the answer. They sent me  a couple of pairs over the weekend and they’re the best shorts I’ve ever owned. If you don’t have the USA Miracle on Ice shorts you can take your Bad2TheBone application and throw it directly into the trash.



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