(Source) Comcast SportsNet Chicago Bulls analyst Kendall Gill has been temporarily removed from his on-air duties after a physical altercation with Big Ten Network analyst Tim Doyle in the CSN newsroom Tuesday evening. The incident followed the taping of “Sports Talk Live,” a panel discussion on Comcast SportsNet Chicago that featured me, Mr. Doyle and Chicago Sun-Times reporter Herb Gould. Mr. Gill confronted Mr. Doyle in the newsroom over critical comments he had made on the air about Mr. Gill’s analysis of the controversial final moments of Monday’s Chicago Bulls-Denver Nuggets game. The referees ruled that what at first appeared to be a last-second basket by the Bulls would not be allowed, thus giving the win to the Nuggets.


As much as it sounds like Kendall Gill was totally in the wrong here I’m still siding with him. I don’t know why but Tim Doyle just strikes me as an annoying guy in person. He seems like the type of guy who still plays pick up hoops and calls fouls every time he misses a shot. Or the type of Northwestern grad that lets you know he went to Northwestern within the first 2 minutes of meeting him (that’s every Northwestern person). The type of guy that thinks his shit doesn’t stink. That gets offended when people don’t recognize him as Tim Doyle former Northwestern forward. Again, I don’t actually know him but that’s the vibe I get. I think its just his face. Nothing he can really do about it either, there’s just something about it that probably made Kendall Gill want to deliver one right in his suckhole.



The fact that Kendall Gill threw a punch is the least surprising news of all time. I used to work out at the same boxing gym that he did on the West Side and he honestly thinks he’s Muhammad Ali. It was a gym full of Mexicans and out of shape pathetic white guys like myself and Kendall Gill thought he was at Freddy Roach’s Wild Card Boxing Gym preparing to fight Floyd Mayweather. Bizarre stuff. Still taking his side though.