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Finally broke through to the money last week. It took Mike Wallace catching a touchdown between his gooch to do it, but I got there. $200 richer just for signing up and playing the Stoolies in fantasy football and dropping knowledge like nothing. If a couple more plays broke my way I’d have taken home Mo or Kmarko stacks and made it rain on strippers all week.

This week we’re doing the same deal we did last week. That means there’s 332 seats at the table so there’s plenty of room if you want to join but do it quick. Don’t be the guy who puts it off and then you try to sign up and there’s no room for you. Nobody likes that guy. He’s a fucking embarrassment. Don’t be him.

- Entry fee is $50. Up to 3 entries allowed

- Thursday games not included. Sunday / Monday only

- $15,000 in total prizes with the top 32 finishers all taking home cash prizes. The money breakdown is crazy so if you’re not convinced take a look:

All you have to do is not suck at knowing football and you’ll find yourself in that top 32. Couldn’t be easier. Click the links at the top and bottom of the page to sign up suckers.

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