Source - Saline County Commissioner Jim Gile said it was a “bad choice of words” Tuesday when he used the expression “nigger-rigging it” in a heated discussion with Commissioner John Price. Gile, 68, who is serving his first term after taking office in January, used the phrase during a discussion about whether to hire an architect to design repairs to the county’s Road and Bridge Department building. Gile, who is white, can be heard to say the county needed to hire an architect to design the improvements rather than “nigger-rigging it.”

“I am not a prejudiced person,” Gile said Friday. “I have built Habitat homes for colored people.” Gile said he also has a close friend whom he regards as a sister who is black.


It’s kinda sad seeing the PC world we live in nowadays. Everyone always getting their panties in an uproar over every tiny little mishap.  Like was it wrong for Jim Gile to say what he said? Absolutely. Can’t be dropping n-bombs in 2013. But c’mon. The dudes built Habitat homes for colored people. And sure, isn’t it frowned upon to use the term “colored people”? Again, yes. Yes it’s frowned upon and probably means you’re racist. Jim Gile is definitely digging himself into a deeper hole with that one. But guess what? Dude has a black sister so it’s not a big deal. Well, not really. She’s not his sister. Probably thinks of her more as a “sista” which is still kinda racist. You know on second thought Jim Gile is a pretty racist motherfucker. Clean that shit up bro.

PS – Straight up cannot write the n-word out. Can’t do it. Tried like 5 times to quote it from the story but it’s just way too heavy. All I saw was a bunch of black people beating me dead while I explained “You don’t understand! I know a colored person in Philadelphia!” like this Jim Gile dickhead would’ve done.