I was looking for a Sixers fan but I’m pretty sure they don’t exist.

PHILADELPHIA – Two Bulls fans bragging about the team’s 96-89 victory in Philadelphia Wednesday night were shot while riding a train on the west side of the city, police said. The shooting happened around 10:40 p.m. after “a little bit of banter” between the two fans and two other people, described as between 16 and 19, at 46th and Market streets in West Philadelphia, police said. One of the Bulls fans, a 36-year-old man, quarreled with the teens and was shot in the stomach as the teens exited the train at 46th street, according to Lt. John Walker. The other Bulls fan, a 30-year-old man, tried to calm things down and was shot in the thigh, he said. Both victims were stable at an area hospital. They are from West Philadelphia, police said. No one was in custody.

“Everyone always says we’re bad fans, wah wah wah. Why does the national media pick on us, boo hoo. We threw snowballs at Santa and booed Michael Irvin’s neck injury like a decade ago, why won’t everyone let it go”.


This is why Philly. This is why everyone thinks you’re the scum of the earth.  This is why even people from New Jersey think Philly is a shithole. This is why the only thing you have going for you is a fictional boxing character from 30 years ago and cheez wiz on dried up roast beef.  And I know I’m generalizing but its pretty hard not to when you see shit like this. I mean shooting two guys after a basketball game in DECEMBER? Including the one guy who was actually trying to break it up? You’ve got to be kidding me. Just Philly fans being Philly fans.


So spare me the whole “we get a bad rap for no reason” bullshit. This is the reason. Bunch of mouthbreathing neanderthals.


End of rant.


thanks to Nick for the tip