When Jon Gruden starts off a MNF broadcast comparing Romo to John Wayne and Cutler to Josey Wales before jumping up and down screaming about Texas and talking like Clint Eastwood you know you’re in for a fucking ride folks. And Chuckie was flat out electric last night. Almost more fun than the game itself. Guy dropped “gunslinger” and “God bless Texas” lines more times than you could count. Started gushing like a school girl when he found out Lebron tweeted about the game. Waxing poetic about Morris Claiborne being a fast learner which is hilarious considering the kid probably couldn’t even spell LSU when he was in college without reading it off his own helmet. Just a Tour de Force performance from Gruden.

PS – You couldn’t convince me in a million years that Mike Tirico wasn’t a Malcolm X wanna be just begging for a race war in the 70′s. That looks screams black power. (Sweet pom pom’s in the back bro)

PPS – Tony Romo crying big, wet invisible tears was the icing on top of last night’s cake.