Tribune – The Nets forced that scenario with a 95-92 victory Thursday night at the United Center, secured only when Andray Blatche sank two free throws with 19.2 seconds left and Marco Belinelli missed a contested 3-pointer with 7.9 seconds remaining. Joakim Noah chased down the long rebound but stepped on the sideline for the Bulls’ 16th turnover. Noah atoned for this by tying up Deron Williams for a jump ball with 3.6 seconds remaining, which Noah won. But Joe Johnson sneaked in to secure possession and dribble out the clock. “I’m ready to play. I want to go play right now. That’s my emotions,” a fired-up Noah said afterward. “We’re a team of fighters. We keep getting punched in the face but we fight back. I’m proud of this team. We’re going to go into a hostile environment in Brooklyn and we’re going to win.”


I’m not a Bulls fan but gotta give the local Stoolies their important news when necessary. Guaranteeing anything in sports is never a good strategy. It’s just a setup for bad things. Even if you do win, nobody is gonna be like “wow, he guaranteed it and then he did it! How did he know!?” Nah, it’s immediately forgotten. But if you lose, then everybody goes back to that quote and starts throwing it in your face. So this is a pretty stupid thing to say if you ask me.

That’s really all I gotta say about this because I don’t give a shit about the Bulls and have my own playoff anxieties to deal with over in Boston. So I’ll just cue up the “Guarantee” scene from Tommy Boy and let you Chicago people discuss amongst yourselves.



Big Cat’s One sentence take – Jo is the only guy on this team that is allowed to say this, heart and soul, and if he says it, I believe it, end of story, Bulls will win Saturday, never been more confident in my life.

My face while saying that to myself…