Chicago TribuneThe Chicago Bears announced they are shutting down Jay Cutler this week meaning Jason Campbell will start at quarterback Monday night at San Francisco. Cutler will miss the game after suffering a concussion last Sunday night when he was knocked out of the second half of a loss to the Houston Texans at Soldier Field. It was the second concussion Cutler has suffered as a member of the Bears. He missed one game in 2010 after sustaining a concussion in a nine-sack meltdown in one half against the New York Giants.

I want Jay Cutler to start as much as any other Bears fan. He gives us the best chance to win, plain and simple. But this is the right move. Pres talks about the Pussification of America and for the most part he is exactly right, but when it comes to Concussions Pussification isn’t a bad thing. Its a Neanderthal line of thinking to rush guys back after a concussion. Only meatball fans will complain about this and say Cutler is less of a man for not playing Monday.


Mike Tice, run the fucking ball bro. Seriously, you have no excuse now. None.


Jason Campbell has that generic black guy goatee thing down to a fucking tee.