Source Minnesota Vikings defensive end Jared Allen said Wednesday he doesn’t expect any retaliation Sunday from the Chicago Bears for an illegal hit that ended Lance Louis‘ season two weeks ago.

Louis, a veteran guard who was considered the Bears’ best offensive lineman, suffered a knee injury when Allen launched into him with a block during an interception return in the third quarter at Soldier Field. A source familiar with the situation said Louis suffered a torn ACL, and he was put on the IR. Allen was fined $21,000.

“They had a chance to retaliate during the game,” Allen said “Like I said, there is nothing to retaliate … it wasn’t malicious, it wasn’t done out of ill will. We had an interception and a guy was running towards our guy to make a tackle and I threw a block.

“Like I said, my condolences to him. The intent is never to hurt anybody. You never want to hurt anybody. Unfortunately that is part of our game and it happened.”

Bears coach Lovie Smith said after the game that the hit was unnecessary and that “our game could do without that play.” Jay Cutler said he doesn’t think Allen is a dirty player, but he said the best way for the Bears to retaliate is to block Allen effectively.

“I think that’s the last thing Jared wanted to do was hurt somebody, but hopefully we’ll just take care of business and keep him off me,” Cutler said on “The Jay Cutler Show” on ESPN 1000. “We’re just going to have to play football, and if someone gets a good lick on him, then so be it.”

Allen understands the emotions involved, but he said his reputation speaks for itself. “Look at the block. I didn’t hit him in the head; I hit him with my shoulder,” he said. “I have no way of foreseeing his knee is going to go out. But I understand people get upset; like I said, I apologized for the fact it ended his season.

“You never want any of that to happen. I’ve been in certain situations … dude from Detroit comes in and knifes my knee, that was intent to knife my knee, and luckily I was able to play through it and the league didn’t find any malicious intent in that. Again, I play this game pure. My integrity in this game I don’t worry about, because the guys that know me around this league know that play hard, I play to the whistle. I’m not a malicious guy. I’ve never intentionally tried to hurt anybody on the field. Unfortunately, it happened.”


That’s not actually what he said, but that’s the truth of the matter. I mean is there a less intimidating group of people in the world than the Bears Offensive line? I’m probably too big of a homer when it comes to Chicago sports on basically every account except the Bears offensive line. Honestly, who’s going to retaliate against Jared Allen? J’Marcus Webb? I’m pretty sure J-Webb doesn’t even know what the word retaliate means. Gabe Carimi? I was a HUGE fan of the Carimi draft pick because he went to Wisconsin but I think we all realize that Gabe Carimi needs to focus on walking without falling over and not getting blown up on every single play before he can think about retaliating against anyone. So yeah Jared, I think you’re all set bro. You basically picked a fight with a bunch of incompetent 5 year olds. Half of them don’t know you did anything wrong and the other half don’t have it in their skill set to do anything about it.



I would actually be legitimately worried about B-Marsh if I was Jared Allen. Probably the last person in the world I would want to fight.