Source - A French establishment named Ne Quittez Pas(“Please don’t leave”) is serving a ‘dirt course’, according to Japanese Rocket News, a website that sampled the menu. For $110 you can eat the stuff you scrub off your sneakers and pry from your kid’s mouth on the playground. Ne Quittez Pas’ menu includes a potato starch and dirt soup, salad with dirt dressing, aspic made with oriental clams and a top layer of sediment, a dirt risotto with sauteed sea bass, dirt gratin, and dirt ice cream. According to the Rocket News investigation, despite appearing, well, dirty, none of the dishes actually tasted like dirt and were described as “delicious” and “divine.” 


Love the people getting all pouty faced at this Japanese restaurant selling dirt food to their customers. Yeah okay you poor, pathetic heathens. Enjoy your chicken parm, spaghetti bolognese and glasses of red wine or whatever else you suckers eat. I’ll be dropping bills at Ne Quittez Pas stuffing my face with dirt rosotto, oriental clams with sediment and mud ice cream until my stomach explodes. Maybe I’ll learn a few things, go home, make a bomb dirt meal from scratch then grab a handful of mulch from the courtyard outside my building and throw that shit right on top like its parmesan. Sounds delicious.

Can you imagine if they tried this on steak fajitas at Chili’s or pizza at Lou Mal’s or something? People would be like “What the fuck are you doing?” and just leave immediately. Yet somehow in Japan they create a whole 5-course meal with dirt as the special ingredient and end up charging you more for it. Those japs are cunning as shit.