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(Source) She’s a star in the hit series Shameless. And Emmy Rossum was nothing but shameless in her latest spread for the US edition of Esquire magazine. Comfortable with showing vulnerability, the 27-year-old actress modestly strips down for the January 2014 issue of the lifestyle publication.

I took Ashley Greene and Charissa Thompson, they’re not bad. I can’t take every chick. I fucked up. What do you want me to say? I fucked up.


I assume everyone knows who Emmy Rossum is or at least has heard of her. For me she’s always been one of those actresses in the way back of my brain where if someone brought her up I would know who they were talking about but I didn’t have an opinion one way or another. Well that just changed. Smoking hot in this esquire photo shoot. And listen, anyone who says “don’t judge a book by it’s cover” is a fucking moron. I judge every book by it’s cover. And Emmy Rossum has that offbeat vibe about her. Not your run of the mill stuck up model/actress. She seems down to earth, and when I say down to earth I mean she’s willing to try weird stuff. Is this all conjecture? Sure, but you know I’m right.




She also gains points for dating Adam Duritz. LOVE a little Counting Crows come winter. If you don’t, something is straight up wrong with you.