So this is a new workout chicks are doing. It’s called BUTI which is a play on words if you didn’t notice because chicks are just so fucking clever it’s ridiculous.

Anyway not complaining at all because I 100% jerked off to this (on mute obviously because the music is nauseating) but it is un-fucking-believable what girls will do when it comes to working out. Like this is literally one of the most preposterous things I’ve ever seen. Just ass twerking and dancing around like a white trash / black stripper and broads are lining up around the block for it. Doesn’t seem to be any organization to it whatsoever. Just put on some yoga pants and dance like a whore. When I go to the gym I do a few squats, curl the biceps and hit the bench press like most dudes. Big Cat goes a little different and jumps on boxes and lifts tires and shit, but both of those are simple, no BS forms of exercise that get the job done. Meanwhile chicks are doing straight up absurd things like BUTI, Hunger Games workouts, running, etc… Again not complaining because we all reap the benefits but just mind-boggling the steps girl will take to try and feel confident when the only things that matter are being attractive, not being fat and not being un-attractive.


Thanks David for the tip