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So this question came up last night. Is Rachel Nichols hot. I have struggled with this for some time. She’s right in that gray area of sideline reporters. She’s clearly not a Samantha Steele/Erin Andrews  smokeshow, but she also isn’t a grossie like Hollie Rowe or Pam Oliver. And to add to that, Rachel Nichols gets office hot points. You know when a chick in your office goes from a 6 to an 8 just because she’s in your office and you see her everyday while you have nothing else to look at. Rachel Nichols is definitely a beneficiary of being a woman surrounded by sports. You get pumped for the big game. Testosterone flowing. Machismo oozing and then bam, Rachel Nichols, looking ok, not great, but you’re blinded by sports, so you convince yourself she’s hot. Anyway, lets put it to a vote. In my opinion she’s a solid 7. Good looking but not “hot”.


1-10 on the scale. For frame of reference Charissa Thompson would be a 9.5, Holly Rowe would be a 1, and Suzy Kolber would be a 12 because I love Suzy Kolber and I think she would teach me a lot of new things.

Yes times infinity

Vote 1-10, classic hot scale.

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