Seriously is there room? A few extra seats at a table? Maybe we can take out that French movie Amour that nobody’s seen or fuckin Les Mis and get this smash on the Best Picture list? I mean seriously talk about star power. Basically a who’s who of “Who the fuck is that guy again?” actors that you see every day in minor roles but they’re never big enough to be a star. Like this dude Ray Wise:


Who according to his iMDB page has been in pretty much every TV show and movie of the past 25 years. Or the star of the movie who everyone knows as “That guy from Heroes” or “The pilot from Lost”. Love to see them go toe to toe with the Affleck’s and Cooper’s of the world vying for that golden statue. Or at the very least see the visual effects department go up against the North Korean propaganda people for best special effects for making that big ass spider using Windows 95 and photo shopping it in all the shots. Oh well, guess we’ll just have to wait till next year. Hope Kmarko remembers to include it in his awards list.