[Source] - Being disabled or hurt is certainly no laughing matter.   But it’s also one that requires a lot of care and attention.   Unfortunately in cases where a person can’t walk they’re forced to either use a walker, cane, or in worst instances, a wheelchair.  However, it doesn’t have to be all bad!  At least not today.

We just came across these pictures of one of the coolest pieces of machinery out there.   I mean if I had to be in a wheelchair there’s no doubt this is the one I’d pick. Built on a one-piece steel chassis and powered by high-torque electric motors, this custom Tank Chair with rubber tracks can take its owner anywhere and back.

Well I for one am terrified right now. I mean I’ve made fun of more retards and handicapped people in my life than you can shake a stick at. And now they’re all armed to the fuckin’ teeth like Col. Quaritch in Avatar bouncing around with their heavy duty artillery tank wheelchairs ready to enact their revenge on all the people who’ve laughed at their expense their whole lives. I mean you see that first bro? That kid is not fucking around whatsoever. It’s like when the Nerdlucks turned into the Monstars and stole all the NBA players’ talents except instead of 5 creatures coming down to Earth it’s an entire army of bitter legless freaks feeling empowered for the first time since forever. Does the guy who invented this realize what he’s done? The game’s changed now. I’m gonna be stuck in my apartment like Anne Frank hiding from the Nazi’s for the next 40 years trying to escape the wrath of the cripples. Awful, awful day.