Australian artist Freya Jobbins rescues these specimens from their fates in a landfill and transforms their components into frighteningly expressive faces. Her amalgamations are weird, but not without precedent. Jobbins lists quite a range of inspirations on her site–Ron Mueck’s “big man,” Gunther Von Hagens’s plasticized corpses (of “Body Worlds” fame), and the Toy Story films–but perhaps the most striking similarities can be found in the work of Giuseppe Arcimboldo, the 16th-century Italian painter who cobbled together everything from veggies to flowers to books to create his own surreal portraits. Both styles necessitate a closer look, but there’s something equal parts creepy and–call me crazy–kind of kinky about Jobbins’s 3-D visages, with their careful selection of flesh-toned artificial body parts nestled together into freaky, surreal musculatures.

Perfect. I was actually just thinking to myself yesterday, you know what I could use less of? Sleep. I really could use something to be permanently seared into my brain so that I’ll never sleep without a nightmare again. Well thank god for Freya Jobbins (most made up name of all time?) and her faces made out of doll pieces, because now I will never sleep again.  Maybe buy a couple of these, throw them around my house, maybe even put one in my bed underneath some pillows so that I can randomly find it and scare myself to death. This is great guys. This is exactly what I wanted for Christmas.

In all honesty, I posted this to put everything into perspective. Little too much heat on old Big Cat being the “crazy” one at Barstool. Figure if I throw out something like faces made out of doll pieces by a chick named “Freya Jobbins” my creepiness doesn’t seem so creepy. Basically just made the fat kid with asthma play dodgeball so that I won’t get picked last. Super Smart, I know.