(Newser) – Get ready to feel a little more violated: Instagram has decided it can now sell your photos. Without telling you. And you have no say. And won’t see a penny. In a new intellectual property policy revealed yesterday and set to take effect Jan. 16, Facebook-owned Instagram now retains the “perpetual right” to license its users’ photos, CNETreports. The move “effectively transform[s] the website into the world’s largest stock photo agency,” writes Declan McCullagh, allowing it to, say, sell your Miami vacation photos to the hotel you stayed at.

How do you opt out? You can’t! The only option users have is to delete their accounts before Jan. 16, explains McCullagh, who warns that photos taken by users who delete their accounts after the deadline may still be up for grabs. He does acknowledge that the photo sales may never come to pass, as “lawyers often draft overly broad language to permit future business opportunities that may never arise.” Still, “the company’s silence in the face of questions … hasn’t helped.” If you want to read the technical nitty-gritty that gives Facebook/Instagram these new rights (and protects them from liability), CNET breaks it down for you. Wired explains how to download your photos before deleting your account.

“Oh My God, not my picture of that cheeseburger I ate last month! Please no. Don’t let them take that awesome shot of that cloud that I then filtered with the “antique” button. That got 4 likes on Facebook and 3 retweets! Please god no, this is so unfair”.


So I guess this is a thing now, people getting upset that Instagram is going to steal their pictures. Like they’re fucking Ansel Adams and that picture of their dog wearing a santa hat is the most valuable piece of art in the history of the world. Seriously? Are people this far out of touch with reality now? That they think anyone gives a fuck about their instagram pictures. This is like when Zuckerberg changes something on Facebook, or when Pres runs an Adam Sandler ad that takes over your entire computer/life. Everyone flips out talking about boycotts and deleting their accounts and having their privacy violated. And what happens? Absolutely nothing. Because at the end of the day there are two things I’ve learned about our generation.

1. We’re all lazy (deleting accounts or not going to a website takes work, work sucks)

2. We’re all addicted to the internet.


So guess what. No one gives a fuck about your instagram pictures. You’re not deleting your account. You’re going to keep taking shitty pictures of sunsets and Bloody Mary’s and your stupid cat sitting in a weird pose, and literally ZERO things will change.


With all that said, if the GTA chicks I creep on stop using Instagram I’m going to be PISSED. Not going to do anything about it but I’ll be angry for like 2 seconds.