DM - If you thought some of the events in the London 2012 Olympic Games looked gruelling then think again. These bizarre pictures show competitors taking part in India’s Rural Olympics. And the sports are not for the fainthearted. Games include being run over by farm machinery, bullock chariot racing, horseback acrobatics and other weird demonstrations of strength.


Hey Shaun White you and your snowboard can suck a dick bro. I’d love to see that little ginger headed tomato try and get run over by a tractor or carry a couple of Huffy 10 speeds through a cricket field with his teeth gums or balance a trebuchet on his face like a legit athlete. Kid wouldn’t last one day in that life, yet he’s revered here because he can slope down a mountain and do backflips with snowboards so advanced they basically do all the hard shit for you nowadays. Seriously why were the X Games all up in my face the last couple weeks when 130 year old snake charmers and medicine men are foot racing in the hills of Punjab? Give me real athletic freaks like these Indian bros any day of the week.