Source - The town where Osama Bin Laden was killed by US Navy SEALs is to become the new home of a £19million ($30 million) ‘amusement city’ complete with a zoo, water sports and mini-golf, Pakistan’s government has announced. The 20-hectare riverside development on the edge of Abbottabad will also house a string of restaurants, a ski ramp and even a snake pit for tourists’ amusement.  ’The amusement city will be built on 50 acres in the first phase but later will be extended to 500 acres,’ Syed Aqil Shah, the provincial minister for tourism and sports. ‘It will have a heritage park, wildlife zoo, food street, adventure and paragliding clubs, waterfalls and jogging tracks.’ Work is due to begin in late February or early March, he said, and will take eight years to complete.


Abbottabad in the house!

Fuck yeah Middle East. Literally the only thing that could ever entice me to go to Pakistan is a $30 million amusement park on the exact location where Osama Bin Laden’s brain ate bullets. Like I saw Zero Dark Thirty and to be totally honest Pakistan didn’t exactly jump out as a hot spot to spend some quality R&R vacation time. Didn’t see any smokes running around in bikinis or recreational drug use or people getting shitfaced or anything. Just a lot of goats, concrete and terrorists and shit. Basically a shittier, inland version of Miami. But not anymore. Now Abbottabad, Pakistan is a fucking hot spot. Just throwing all sorts of fun stuff at you. Snake pits, restaurants, heritage zoos. They’re even throwing in a ski ramp which doesn’t make much sense since they’re in the fucking dessert but whatever. I’ll get drunk and sand ski all day long. Outside of the fact that every al-queda operative in the world is going to be trying to blow this place to smithereens it sounds like the most fun place on the planet.