Source - A mother has described her suffering after bungling medics left her placenta inside her – for two agonising months. Elizabeth Hart, 30, says doctors failed to spot the potentially fatal complication when she gave birth to daughter Poppy. In the eight weeks that followed, her battle with constant pain and exhaustion left her unable to breastfeed. In desperation, she eventually booked an appointment with a private gynaecologist, who told her that she had not  delivered the placenta and it had become infected inside her. She has now set up a charity to support expectant mothers. ‘I don’t want this to happen to someone else,’ she said.


Quick confession. I never actually knew what placenta was until today. I knew it existed but I just knew it as something that’s part of pregnancy, not what it actually was. Certainly didn’t know a doctor had to go in there and remove it. Yuck. Sounds terrible. I guess it’s kind of like a carburetor or the clitoris in that way. I mean I know those things  exist but I’ll be god damned if I could tell you anything about them.

Anyway I guess I understand where this broad is coming from but at the same time if you’re a chick you probably gotta check up on that when you give birth right? At least before you leave the hospital? Like okay we’ve got the kid, those baby books your Mother gave us, all these stupid balloons, I think that’s about it—Oh, wait, Doctor did you remove the placenta from my vagina? Okay you did? Good. I don’t know maybe it’s just because I’m a guy and we’re naturally on top of stuff and in control of shit like that but if it was me I’d probably make sure the stuffing was out of the turkey before I started to dig in.

PS – Interesting idea setting up a charity. You’d think this lady would wanna just move on from this whole debacle not dedicate her life to handing out placenta awareness pamphlets and whatever the fuck.