In case you live under a rock, the Grammy’s were last night, and besides a bunch of celebrities sucking each other’s dicks and making themselves feel awesome nothing of importance happened, oh except Katy Perry absolutely Dominating the Cleavage game. Side Boob? Fuck Side Boob, Side boob is so 2012. Give me straight down the middle, half of your breast showing at all times boob. And yeah Katy Perry has had some bad moments in the past few years but she’s like an old  starter, when she wants to dig deep she can still throw an unhittable 97 mph fastball.


So here it is, in all its center boob glory.

The side shot of the center boob, my personal favorite.


With some No name Boyfriend in a cheap butler’s suit.

Even the Gay people wanted to fuck/scissor her


And some GIFS



Still my all time Favorite