The BCS is a mess, that we can all agree on. Undefeated Ohio State? 1 loss Auburn, Mizzou, Bama, who the fuck knows. Well one person knows the answer and his name is Jeff Sagarin.




Boom. There it is. NIU vs FSU round 2. The National Championship everyone in the world wants to see. MACtion on the big stage. Give the people what they want NCAA. Give the people what mathematically wizards like Jeff Sagarin have figured out. Do the right thing.


Also, if Ohio State ends up in the National Championship I probably won’t do anything but watch on my couch like I do every year, but just know deep down I’ll be seething. As much as I hate the SEC, a National Championship without a team from that conference is an absolute joke.






MAC Championship Friday. Watch out Detroit, Big Cat coming in hot.




I honestly might frame this picture. So fucking beautiful



Double PS

I booked my hotel for Detroit last night and am staying at a Casino Hotel. So yeah, that might be all she wrote for my life.