She’s been admired for her toned figure since first appearing nude on the pages of Playboy 19 years ago, so it’s no wonder Jenny McCarthy is now handing out exercise advice. The 40-year-old glamour girl showed exactly how she maintains her slender physique as worked in her home in Chicago. Dressed in a bra top and leggings, the model gave an inside look into her morning routine as she lifted weights and practiced yoga
Yup. I’m in. If Jenny wants to be my Yoga Sensei I will never jump on top of another box or lift another tire again. That’s how you know I’m serious. If I would quit being a badass and doing Crossfit for something, you know its for real.

I know this sounds dumb but in my brain the fact that Jenny moved back here and now lives in Chicago means I sort of have a chance with her. Like what if I bump into her at Dominics? What if she’s got a thing for tiny hand bloggers that wear flannels and aren’t completely honest with themselves when it comes to their own weight? What then? We’d probably have to fuck. Really no other alternative.