(Source) – For the last six years, John Paul Weier has donned a furry bear costume and strolled the streets outside of Wrigley Field, greeting fans on game day as a makeshift Cubs mascot named “Billy Cub.” But the Cubs are one of three major league teams without a mascot — and they want to keep it that way. “The Billy Cub characters are not affiliated with the Chicago Cubs,” team spokesman Julian Green said in a statement. To that end, the League sent Weier a 100-plus page letter, ordering him to stop wearing the Billy Cub costume, and engaging in “unabated Mascot Activities.” When Weier got the first warning to cease his activities as Billy Bear, he consulted a lawyer and decided to ignore it. The next day, Weier was confronted by a Cubs executive. “Someone came up to me, very angry, and said, ‘did you not get our letter?’” Weier said. The only problem for the Cubs executive was that Weier was in his Billy Cub costume, unable to speak or use verbal communication. Weir said that the Cubs offered to buy him out for $15,000, if he agreed to sign over all rights to the character and stop performing outside the ballpark. He refused.

For those of you unfamiliar with the situation, some guy wanders the streets around Wrigley on game days in a bear costume asking if you want your picture taken with him for $5 – otherwise known as taking advantage of a situation to make money otherwise known as capitalism. Unfortunately for John Paul Weier, the Chicago Cubs have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to unabated Mascot Activities. Drunken asshole teenagers and every illegal street vendor north of madison? Stay as long as you want guys. Unofficial mascot hustling to pay off gambling debts? No fuckin way buddy. Not on Julian Green’s watch. The Cubs have a duty to their fans in all aspects unrelated to winning world series championships and that’s not changing any time soon.

PS – gotta love this guy’s dedication. Won’t even break character for a Cubs executive waving 100 pages of cease and desist order in his face. Like yeah I got your letter, I talked to my attorney/electrician, and I saw your outrageously reasonable cash offer. I still don’t give a fuck. Now get out of the way, this Asian family is trying to take a picture.