Remember that movie Sliding Doors? I don’t either but I’m pretty sure the premise was that there are specific moments in time that can change the course of your life. Well that’s what Sunday is. You want to come to Bull and Bear,  see Neil in real life, meet a former Milton’s Pimp My Look Runner Up, hear Dante do music, and possibly have a chance at becoming Jay Cutler and my new best friend? Or do you want to sit at home by yourself like a loser? Not really a choice if you ask me.

In all seriousness though, I’ve been thinking about this game since Monday morning. Sunday night is what the NFL season is all about. Big game. Home crowd. 7-1. Time to show the country that the Bears are for real. So if you can’t be at Soldier Field the second best option is Bull and Bear with two former smokes serving your booze all day long. Don’t be an idiot. The Bears are the best team in the NFL and Bull and Bear is the best place to watch the game on Sunday. Don’t think, just drink (just came up with that, pretty impressive?). Bear Down.

Note: If you want to reserve a table or booth hit up Bull & Bear at or give them a call: 312-527-5973. Bull & Bear is at 431 N. Wells in River north.