So now that its out in the open that I’m a Squirrel guy I feel like I can finally be candid with you guys. Yeah I want Squirrels to take over the planet. Who wouldn’t? Look at this Squirrel King. Never seen a more majestic/regal looking king in my life. T-Minus 8 hours until Squirrelpocalypse, anyone who isn’t down with the Squirrels should probably be pretty pretty worried right about now.

That picture was sent to me on Twitter this afternoon, and I thought to myself, damn, that looks really familiar. And then I remembered why. Because I’m a fine art collector who has beautiful art all over my apartment. Wha-Bam!

What’s that Big Cat? Is that a monet? Nope guys, its just a Dog King that sits across from my toilet so when I take a shit I can look at Dog King doing Dog King things. Blew your mind.

-Big Cat, King of Dogs and Squirrels. Nbd but Kbd.


Double PS

The negotiations I had with my girlfriend to get Dog King up in my apartment would make Scott Boras look like a stuttering 5 year old.


thanks to Gene for the Squirrel King pic