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This is like when the media starts the rumor that a college coach is leaving and even though they may be mid season the coach has to address the rumors true or false. That’s what just happened with Schefter. He felt me breathing down his neck. He knew the public wanted to know. So what’d he do? Stood on a stack of phone books, got on his tippy toes and went eye to nipple with Antonio Davis. OMG Adam, you must be at least 5’8” to be mid chest of SIX TEN Antonio Davis!!! Way to go dude!


Yeah fucking right. Nice try Schefter, you think this is going to settle my obsession with your height? Fuck no. I see right through you, get off the milk crate, take off the high heels and admit to us you’re probably not an inch over 5’3”. Stand next to a yard stick then we’ll call it even.  You can call it your Christmas present to me.


4 years of journalistic experience? Pfffft, figure out someone’s height and then come talk to me about journalism bro.