How good does that hat look?

I actually like Lovie. I think he has been a very good coach and gets a bad rap a lot of times because he isn’t personable with the media. But if this collapse becomes complete and the Bears miss the playoffs, or hell even get blown out in the first round, I think its time for a change. How many times can we see an offense that clearly needs help not get any help? Offensive Line, obviously a lot of that is on the old regime and Jerry Angelo, Tight Ends, any sort of Wide Receivers to compliment B-Marsh. All those things have been issues for  years now and all of those things have marginally changed. And like I said, its not all on Lovie in terms of Personnel but do you know what is on Lovie? Promoting Mike Tice. Thinking Tice could call an offensive game even though he had never done so in his life. Its a fundamental lack of knowledge on the Offensive side of the ball that kills me.

The NFL is clearly a passing league. New rules every single year protecting the Offensive players have made it that way. If you don’t have a top 10 Offense or and Offense that can play an elite ball game you don’t have a shot. And I feel like Lovie doesn’t get that. We have the fundamental pieces but we’re missing a coach that is committed to the Offense and trying to win games on that side of the ball.  Ball control, and forcing turnovers just doesn’t get the job done anymore. Look at the Niners for example. They had a perfect quarterback in Alex Smith to manage football games and let their defense dominate. But you know why Harbaugh is sticking with Kaepernick? Because he takes that offense to another level. He adds a dynamic that you need to win a Super Bowl. You need an offense that can win a game, not just control the ball and hope for turnovers. So if I’m Phil Emery, I’m calling Sean Payton every single day right now. Talk to Sean about the weather, or what food he likes, or how his fantasy team is doing. I don’t know, just keep that line as warm as possible.

My point is, we need an offensive guy. Sticking with Lovie is sticking with Tice, and I might kill myself if that happens. Find a guy that will be committed to using the tools already in place.  At this point I’d so much rather have an Offensive minded coach that finds a good D-Coordinator than vica versa. Sometimes you just need a change, and this may be the perfect time to do it.