You ever think about how we ever did things without Iphones and blackberries? Like I can’t even remember how bad life sucked with regular flip phones but I’m pretty sure it was terrible. Well that’s how I feel this morning. I have no idea how I ever survived without Modified Single Stick Martial Arts. Zero. Just a big dumb idiot walking around town with no idea how to defend myself against 5 foot wide, 100 foot tall, immovable objects that can’t defend themselves. Surprised I’m even alive to tell you the truth.

Oh and for the record, even if you took away Adam C. Powers stick moves I still wouldn’t mess with him. Different type of crazy to be wearing a black wife beater out in public. That has loose cannon written all over it

I would love to have a chat with the camera man. Pick his brain. See what types of stuff he does in addition to filming Adam C Powers and single stick demonstrations.

Thanks to Bart for the tip