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I received a tip about Jonathan Toews apparently dating this Lindsey girl. There’s no pic of them out there, but apparently they
were seen at a Rush concert and at the event Champs for Charity in Chicago.


You think the lockout is bothering Toews? You think he cares? Obviously the answer is an emphatic yes but holy shit this isn’t a bad consolation prize. Just pick up a smoke girlfriend to spend all that new free time with.

Honestly, if I could pick one Chicago athlete to trade places with it would be Jonathan Toews in a heartbeat*. Less than a heartbeat. Seriously what doesn’t he have? He’s got a ring. He’s the best hockey player in the world. Insanely rich. And dates only the hottest chicks he can find. Fuck. Its painful to even think about how much my life sucks compared to Toews. Guy is killing it in every facet of the game.

*I almost answered Jay Cutler just because then I’d be best friends with Barstool-Chicago blogger Big Cat. That’d be pretty sweet. Also, gun to my head I’d  probably still be Kane and just party my face off like a bro.