I fucking hate growing up and all the shit you gotta do as you get older. And I’m not talking about the obvious stuff. I don’t care about paying rent or taxes or working. That’s fine. That’s how the world goes round. I’m talking about how I can’t have a bunk bed anymore. How I can’t wear pajamas all day or replace literally every piece of furniture I have with a ball pit in my living room. That’s all I want to do all the time. I want to lie in a Chuck-E-Cheese ball pit or have a drink and nap in some sky tubes like I’m on a hammock in Hawaii. Nothing would make me happier. And I can’t do it. Don’t want people laughing at me and slapping restraining orders on me and shit. It makes me miserable.

PS – At the same time you have to be insane to do this. Like literally fucked in the head. Cool ball pit you overgrown childish psychopaths.