Look, I love Bob Barker. LOVE him. I spent more time at Wisconsin watching Price Is Right than I did in actual class. It was that important to me. But with that said, this painting is a joke. Yeah its beautiful. Yeah Bob looks stunning. Yeah I want to put it on my wall and stare at it every day for the rest of my life. Yeah the dogs and cats are sweet as hell but its missing one thing that no amount of handsome men, games, and animals can overcome. Plinko. How can you possibly expect me to shell out 3.5 million dollars with no Plinko? That’s a slap in my face. That’s like buying a ferrari with no engine. Or a house with no plumbing. Or a bar with no alcohol.


So nice try Gerald L Sabatini but I’m not buying what you’re selling bro. Anyone who wants a real Bob Barker painting can come to me. Just took out the smushy faced cat and replaced it with a Plinko board. Starting price 10 billion.





I swear to god when Bob used to announce Plinko and a new car it was better than sex. Now we just have that creep Drew Carey who’s in that weird phase between fat and skinny where his skin is too lose and everyone thinks he looks gross  but we’re not allowed to say anything because we’re supposed to be “happy” for him for losing all that weight when we all are secretly thinking, hey bro, quit eating AIDS for breakfast and go back to being fat and funny.