So tonight is the rematch from last year’s playoff series with the Coyotes and more importantly Raffi Torres’ first time playing the Blackhawks since he jumped in the air like a handicapped kid learning he could walk again and stuffed his shoulder into Hossa’s head. Now obviously the most important thing is winning the game and keeping the early season run going and beating the shit out of Torres shouldn’t overshadow that but at some point during his first shift he needs to get clobbered in the face. Nothing fancy, no blindsides or dirty hits like he’s accustomed to dishing, just a few punches to the skull that maybe concusses his brain or re-arranges the shape of his head. It doesn’t matter how it happens, just that it does. Torres is a fucking weasel and he deserves to get clocked for what he did and the way he plays. Like I said nothing should trump winning the game but absolutely nothing would be better than winning and having that dirty cocksucker laying in a pool of blood. Just sucks the game’s in Phoenix.

PS – If Torres reads this I hope he knows there’s no way a guy with parents from Mexico and Peru comes out looking like that. You were adopted bro plain and simple.