ChicagoistEvery year for ages now the Internet enjoys a good chuckle when the reservation lines for a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner at White Castle open up. “Because nothing says a romantic Valentine’s evening like creamy beef followed by severe intestinal cramps,” the commenters joke. But there is a reason White Castle pulls out the paper table cloths each year: people really enjoy the schtick.


Hope all the Casanova’s in that video like having ruby red blisters and bleeding scars up and down their dicks because there’s a 0% chance they haven’t been getting laid non-stop since Valentine’s day. I mean if there’s one thing any chick loves more than a romantic night out on the town with the man of her dreams it’s saving an absurd amount of money. Basically a chick’s wet dream to go out with their boyfriend and put back 10 pounds of food and only dish out like 17 dollars including tip. And like the chef in the back said, White Castle is more than just burgers. It’s fries. It’s shrimp. It’s chicken tenders. Basically a 5-star restaurant for 1/20th the price. Must have been a certified freak fuck fest once they got home and recovered from the sliders exploding out of their assholes.