If you told me right this second that I could have a 5 minute interview with Obama, Romney, or Guy who holds his head up with 1 finger while  deep in thought it wouldn’t even be a question for me. I’ve never seen anything like it. I literally have a million things to ask him. Is that how he always thinks? Does his finger ever get tired? Did he wear those KD Lang Lesbian eyeglasses on purpose or was it like when Michael Scott accidentally bought the woman’s worksuit? Does he ever use his whole hand? Is this his every day contemplation pose or just his election night contemplation pose? I could go on forever. Seriously, who does that? So cocky, so intriguing.



Guess he’s Graham Elliot, master chef. Blog still stands, 1 finger thinking is preposterous. And If you guys think I know what a chef looks like then you’re out of your mind. I know Rick Bayless because he’s Skip’s brother.  That’s the extent of my Chicago chef knowledge. Sorry I’m not sorry.