Source - About 650 people protested a major Walmart distribution center Monday in Elwood, Illinois. At Walmart contractor Roadlink, workers have been on strike since mid-September, claiming unsafe working conditions and unfair wages. From the movement’s website:

No one should come to work and endure extreme temperatures, inhale dust and chemical residue, and lift thousands of boxes weighing up to 250 lbs with no support. Workers never know how long the work day will be- sometimes its two hours, sometimes its 16 hours. Injuries are common, as is discrimination about women and illegal retaliation against worker who speak up for better treatment.

Reports from the protest vary, but photos show riot police restraining some protesters with zip-ties. The rally had apparently been declared an “unlawful assembly”. Pat Barcas of Fox Valley Labor News reports that 17 people were arrested.

This whole protest kinda reminds me of the Occupy Movement except I think those smelly Wall St. protesters had about a million times better odds of changing anything than these people. Like this isn’t some David v. Goliath situation. This is Walmart. If poor people want to show up in rags and protest and beg for a day off and a livable wage, Walmart’s gonna send out the fucking pre-crime unit from Minority Report and threaten to bash their heads in with billy clubs if they don’t get back inside and punch the clock. Take it or hit the bricks pal.

And if you think they’re above letting all these people go and just hiring retards to do every single job inside their store you’re out of your mind. They’ll do it in a heartbeat. You’ll walk in, some sped will slap a yellow smiley face sticker on your chest, follow you around the store asking for food and probably try to climb in your car and have you adopt them. And everyone will still go there because they sell the cheapest everything on the entire planet. They’re indestructible. Can’t be beat.

PS – How about this pastor lady laying it all on the line with the African soccer scarf trying to get a hold of that black D. Impressive dedication babe: