Source - A mom who says her goal is to keep her pretty 14-year-old daughter off drugs and stripper poles was pleading Thursday with Studio 4 Gentleman’s Club to cancel a teen dance planned for its basement. And she got what she wanted. The city’s bylaw enforcement department got wind of the Teen Club Night set for March 16 and informed the club it was not allowed. Having an adult entertainment licence means no one under 18 is allowed on the premises.


Pretty interesting choice by the parents here demanding this dance be held somewhere besides a titty bar so their kids don’t develop an interest in drugs and stripping and whatever else. Because if I had to pick the best way to keep teenagers off the pole and drug-free I’m holding every event they got in a fucking strip club. It’d be like showing pictures of bad car accidents in Driver’s Ed to keep kid from speeding or making them watch a baby to scare them into wrapping their dicks up. Shove their face right in there and see what they’re getting into. You wanna try cocaine dude? No problem, but you’re gonna end up in the bathroom of Studio 4 at 3:30 AM scraping out tiny key bumps while some trucker beats his cock in the stall next to you. Hope you’re cool with that. What’s that little lady, you’re thinking of a career in stripping? Hope you’re cool dancing around to shitty rock music and tip-toeing around dried up jizz stains that are trapped in the shag carpet. Outside of that I hear it’s good money though. Seriously they should hold more high school events in strip clubs. It’d do a world of good. Just can’t over-do it though because then the rest of us will run out of strippers and coke heads to score blow off of.