Chicago Tribune - Chicago buses have become a battleground for two groups promoting different definitions of jihad. This past weekend, the Council on American-Islamic Relations launched “MyJihad,” a national ad campaign featuring individuals’ testimonies about what the central tenet of Islam means to them. But on Monday, the American Freedom Defense Initiative, or AFDI, asked the CTA to accept another batch of ads, featuring mock testimonies from high-profile Muslim extremists, including Osama bin Laden.

Hey if I was a Muslim and everybody was shitting on my religion and misusing words like “jihad” in the wrong way and making everyone hate me I’d probably be pissed too. But you know what I’d do about it? Nothing. I’d do absolutely nothing, just like I do for everything else that gets me angry. I’d stew in my apartment and huff and puff and then go make some bagel bites, drink beer, watch football, jerk off and go to sleep. That’s it. Because the last way to get anyone on your side is to slap some ads up on the CTA in the middle of December. It’s cold out, it’s dark by 3 o’clock in the afternoon, the Bears are stumbling out of playoff contention, people are getting robbed left and right and panicking and pulling the emergency levers on the red line and opening all the doors mid-transit:

It’s chaos in the public transportation game. Only thing that matters is surviving. So I get where you’re coming from Muslims. Shit’s messed up that everyone misuses and misunderstands where you’re coming from. But wait until Spring when hope is in the air instead of the middle of December when everyone wants to kill each other. Good talk.