When you ask yourself, what type of person would ever wear Sweatpants out in public? The answer is, the type of guy that shoots a basketball 5 feet when it needs to go 45.

I don’t know why but I feel like this guy probably has a minivan full of kids with him at this game. He just has that look. Like this was his one shot to get a little manhood back. To take a break from getting up every 5 minutes to take a different kid to the bathroom or to buy yet another foam finger or cotton candy. A chance to feel alive, even if for only one second, And he blew it. Absolute devastation on his face.

I guess sweatpants and half court shots really don’t mix


*Central time is by far and away the best time zone in America, except when you find a video of a sweatpants bro failing at a halfcourt shot on a Sunday night and all the East Coast blogs get it up first.