Ashley, what the fuck? We can’t have this. This is unacceptable. Your my number 1 girlfriend. My Original. This is beyond embarrassing for us. And yeah I know I don’t exactly have a leg to stand on here. The guy who poops his pants telling a famous actress to clean up her Pussy Sweat, but come on. We’ve got to be better than this. I fell in love with Ashley Red Dress, not Ashley Leaky Pussy Pants.


Ever have one of those reality check moments? Where you stop and ask yourself what the hell is going on in your life? Usually its after a weekend of too much drinking, but sometimes its when you write a blog post about pussy sweat.


Some people go to college to be a doctor, or a lawyer, or a teacher, and some people go to college to write about Pussy Sweat. Tomato, Tomahto.